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Increase In Sales Of Mobile Phones To The Elderly


The sale of smartphones to elderly consumers in the UK has been on a rise according to a research of the business.

It is reported that 71% off people aged 55-75 now possess an application competent smart phone. The study also indicated that this peer group, when compared to another age group, has seen a quicker reception rate in the course of recent years. It also pointed out that despite this fact, consumers within this age group exhibited less usage of their cell phones when compared to the more youthful individuals.

For example, around 20% said they made use of their cell phones during a period of 15 minutes after waking in contrast to a normal of 56%. What’s more, around half had Facebook introduced a smartphone with a high 70% figure for all grown-ups.

The examination resulted from a survey of 1,163 individuals interviewed during May and June this year

Deloitte proposed that the 55-to-75-year-old gathering’s higher than normal riches may make individuals more inclined to purchase high-grade smartphones, albeit some will have unavoidably begun utilizing a cell phone as an outcome of being given a second grade one from their kids.

Its exploration group likewise recognized that some first-time purchasers may have been involuntarily coerced into making the buy.

Features that Appeal to the Older population

Dave Birch from Consult Hyperion stated that a very common verification method preferred by the older age group is the use of facial recognition. The study claims that the thought of just taking a phone and using your face to unlock it instead of having to type in a password appeals more to the elderly age-group. There appears to be a lot of rumors surrounding the technology of individuals using pictures to trick the sensors, however, the authenticity of the feature cannot be undermined.

Also, current cell phones have significantly greater screens, so as the elderly consumer’s visual perception becomes imperfect they are simpler to view, and they have louder speakers as well” remarked Ian Fogg from the IHS Technology consultancy.

“The product has additionally turned out to be less demanding to use throughout the years – many of the standard Android makers now offer custom versions of their application launchers made especially for elderly individuals, and Apple has a considerable measure of inherent availability includes in iOS as well.”