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35 die from measles infection in Europe


A statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates over 35 deaths in the past year as a result of the measles outbreak. WHO described such deaths as an unacceptable tragedy, and can be prevented with proper vaccination.

The most recent death case is that of a six-year-old male child in Italy. There are over 3,300 cases of measles infection in Italy and about 31 fatal cases in Romania. Likewise, there have been recorded cases of deaths from measles infection in Portugal and Germany since 2016.

Expert speaks on the need for prevention

The European WHO regional director, Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab said that every death case by measles is an unacceptable tragedy as the use of vaccine can prevent it. She advised all countries prone to the infection to take the necessary steps to cut down the death rates arising from measles infection and transmission.

Regrettably, measles remains a leading death cause, despite the potential to prevent the disease. Jakab pointed out that measles is extremely contagious, but if about 95% of the population can get vaccinated, then its prevention level will be on a high side. At the moment, Germany is considering making immunization laws stricter.

The fight against measles has begun in Italy as it advocates proper vaccination against 12 common diseases before kids can be registered for state-run schools. The prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni apportioned the blame of decreased vaccination on the dissemination of anti-scientific laws.

Get to know more about measles

Measles can be easily transmitted via air (sneezes and coughs), as well direct contact. And unvaccinated children are at a higher risk of contracting the infection. The virus can live up to two hours ion infected surface and comes with symptoms like fever, cold and runny nose. Likewise, there may be little white spots on the cheeks, and this degenerates into rash down to the limbs and body.

Transmission occurs four days before and after the rash erupts. It can hardly be treated but can be prevented easily.