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A DCC student sees more than just having an internship with NASA


It came as a dream come true when a College student from Danville community had the opportunity to work an internship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Student’s interest in space

According to the student’s mother, Jennifer the child has been a lover of space and space and space-related activities. He would spend time tracking space stations and meteor showers across the sky while he was still a kid. She emphatically said that her son has been up to that his whole life.

According to a student of electrical/electronics, the opportunity was made known to her by Teresa Hawker, a DCC professor. Following the contact by NASA for more persons to apply from Sothern Virginia, Hawker urged Haney to forward an application. Hawker speaking on the incident said that they scaled through, as such; they waited since it was mere anticipation that may not come true.

Unexpectedly, Haney broke the good news of her internship to Hawker; he accorded due accolades to Haney’s cooperation and activities in his classes. Hawker also said that Patrick is a type that wants to know by conducting in-depth research.
Hawker confirmed that NASA is amazing when she paid a visit to NASA’s Virginia facilities. Hawker said that NASA is arguably a home for one who finds happiness in electronics, and Harney has been gaining a wealth of experience. Haney made the Register & Bee that he has a good advisor, and the place itself leaves one’s jaw dropping.

The internship at NASA

Virginia Space Grande Consortium STEM Flight program are solidly behind the NASA research internships at NASA. Haney expresses his happy feeling of working with this company as he says that he plans to work on a drone before the end of his course. Currently, he has been into testing transducers and sensors as he awaits bigger projects. Haney’s mother emphasizes that his son loves what he does and feels euphoric about it.

Debbie Murray, a program manager, states that one of the underlying reasons of this program is to encourage students to secure their degree and delve into the workforce or opt for a four-year degree. He further emphasized that the internship program is the only way to prepare for the get admitted into the effective team of NASA.

Reiterating his commitment, Haney said he wants to seek an occupation at NASA and hopes it comes true. Haney left his school in May and will be a full-fledged graduate from DCC when he completes his coursework this summer. Historically, this is the second case of a DCC electrical/electronic being a part of the internship program.