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A woman finds out she was adopted when Facebook photo shows her mum wasn’t pregnant before her birth


A woman is searching for her birth mother after discovering she was adopted because of a Facebook image which showed her mum was not pregnant before her due date.

Silvina Martinez Pintos, from Argentina says she was shocked when she spotted a photo of her mum, which showed she clearly was not pregnant, even though she should have given birth just weeks later.

The 31 year old says she is now looking for her biological mother after making the shock discovery while looking at family photos. She says she has scant information so far, but is hoping that the power of social media can help her find her birth mum.

Ms Pintos said she knows that her birth mother was just 16 when she gave birth to her at the Modelo Clinic and that the doctor at the delivery was Dr Ricardo Carminatti.

Always suspected

She said that she had always suspected that her parents were not her birth parents and they confirmed that was the case when she spotted the photo, but did not provide her with further details.

Ms Pintos says that she was born in Trelew on March 27, 1985 and was taken a few days later to live in La Plata by her adoptive parents.


The mum of two said that while her own children look like herself and her husband, she wanted to know who she looked like. She described it as a “sentimental thing.” She said she knew that the story might not end happily, but even if her biological mother was dead, she wanted to know so that she might have closure.

She stressed that she does not want to judge her birth mother in any way, but that she simply wants to listen to her, and to find out whether she might have any brothers or sisters.