Home Health An outbreak of Cholera occurs in 12 Southern and Eastern African countries

An outbreak of Cholera occurs in 12 Southern and Eastern African countries


From records, over 105,000 cases of cholera and watery diarrhea have been reported in 12 out of the total number of Southern and Eastern African countries which is 21. Still provided by records, over 1500 deaths have also been reported marking a case rate of 1.5% since the start of this year. Affected countries include Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, Malawi, Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Of all the cases, Somalia alone covers over 70% reported in this year, 2017, accompanied by a 15.9% South Sudan.

Active transmission of cholera was reported in the past two weeks in ESAR, with Tanzania having the most significant number of recorded cases in the 40th week. Kenya records 1.8% of CFR in 2017 which is the highest CFR of the eight states. Somalia who was at 2% at the start has dropped to 1.4%.

Reports of outbreak


Decrease in the trend of the epidemy observed. Over 100 cases reported in the 40th week, 126 reported in the week before. All fresh cases have been noted to spring from the Somali Land with most regions in it being Togdheer, Mjeex, and Awdal.


Active outbreak of Cholera observed in Kajiado, Garrisa and Nairobi. 2 deaths and over 40 cases reported in the 41st week, and 40 in the 40th week.

South Sudan

Steady decline observed over the course of 4 weeks. Most cases from Budi and Juba counties. New cases reported in the 40th and 43rd week, while the 39th week had 40.


1 death and 153 cases reported in the 40th week, while over 100 cases were registered in the 39th week, Cases are from Tanga, Iringa, Mbeya, and Songwe areas.


Over five new cases recorded in Chikwawacounty.


Week 40 had over five new cases recorded. Cases came from Bubanza and other provinces.


Fresh outbreak of the disease recorded on the 4th of October. 69 cases registered since the advent of the outbreak.