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Apple and Amazon might try to buy James Bond’s rights


This is an interesting time for the James Bond series. After launching Spectra in 2015, Daniel Craig decided to make the last one 007. However, the 25th James Bond film also has the right to distribute the franchise. Earlier this year, it was noted that five of the studios participated in the James Bond Contest, including Sony, which launched the 2006 British Soft Spy Adventure Casino Royale.

Now Apple and Amazon joined the field

Apple and Amazon now rely on Warner Bros, Sony, Universal, 20th Century Fox and Annapurna to persuade MGM and EON Productions that own the James Bond franchise, which is just the home of spy movies distribution.

As per THR, Apple and Amazon are willing to pay more money as Warner Bros. for this property, if not more. As one of the newest unused brands, the James Bond franchise is called a “change player” and will be an important part of Apple or Amazon coming to the game.

With James Bond 25, the last part of Daniel Craig’s career as a famous British opera

There is great compression on MGM and EON to make sure this is the movie for now. How to find a good franchise home, be it Sony or travel to another place. Since Apple and Amazon associate with the James Bond research, it’s a surprising but understandable development.

Although both companies are improving their film efforts or inviting their account with great openness. With the James Bond franchise under the figurative ceiling, it would be a great way to move one of these study units to the next level. Now the new James Bond contract for the film, but probably if James Bond 25 goes well, MGM and EON will almost certainly stay in the final study program.