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Apple has started making iPad that Jobs hated “executive from Microsoft


The iPhone may have never even existed if Apple Steve Jobs co-founder does not “hate” a Microsoft manager.

Scott Forstall, former business software boss for Apple and the man who created iOS for iPhone for the first time on Tuesday, said Jobs was not a Microsoft executive who talked with him about pen and tablet plans.
The business, which is known against Stylus and their favorite finger on the touch screen, was upset with Microsoft’s head, so Apple started working on its own tablet, which eventually became the iPad.

The iPhone was very cautious about itself

” Forstall said Tuesday during an event at the Computer Museum in Mountain View, California. “We worked on a tablet project, which has a very unusual beginning. It all started because Steve hated this kind in Microsoft. ”
Scott Forstall, the former Apple software head, made comments during a conference at the Computer Museum in Mountain View, California.

The board was one of the first times that Forstall has been mostly public since leaving Apple in October 2012 found.
Forstall counts support the work of work added to a licensed biography by Walter Isaacson, “Steve Jobs”. Unbroken tech-symbol, said: “The tenth dinner time he told me about it and I was so ill, I came home and said,” F ** in this, we will show what the tablet can be really.

Apple had the first iPad in 2010 – three years after the first iPhone – but actually started on the tablet before the development of your phone. Forstall said Apple changed and changed to the phone after talking to him and hiring.
Jobs in Apple and others started to realize that phones were devices that could harm iPod sales, as more people listen to music on them, “Forstall said. He worked on internal demo software for tablets and asked Forstall and his team saw “being reduced to something … small enough to size the phone.”
After Jobs saw the phone software, ipad set up first to create iPhone on hold.

IPhone was the best-selling phone model, it helped Apple become the world’s most profitable company. Now that generates more than two-thirds of iPhone revenue.
Forstall led to software creation for the first Apple iPhone, which hit the market ten years ago. He worked closely with the job and had a good reputation in society working hard.