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ARMS: Nintendo brings to light new achievement system and more


Everyone got an idea of the fresh content coming to the ARMS in no distant future via the Nintendo World Championship.
In a short trailer released by the team of developers, the Badge Stash for starters was revealed, a motion-powered fighting game’s achievement system was also shared, one that will award players with badges for finishing levels. This can be shown off on the main online profile pages.

An automatic version of Spring Man was briefly shown by Nintendo, a tease for the audience. His outlook was displayed for only 2 or 3 seconds making it hard for people to say if this is an entirely new character or just an alternative skin for the one already existing.

More gaming goodness to come

In a few months, it has been slated that a new update, Update 3.2 would arrive, and it promises to bring to light more than what the gaming company has revealed so far. A new stage name, alterations across the roster, small adjustments in game play, other upgrades and perhaps a new character are all that is anticipated of the update for ARMS.

Nintendo announced in August that it handles feedback from fans very critically. A couple of changes have been affected based on the reports gotten from its fan base. Therefore, it is most likely that a focus similar to this one would be endorsed for the coming one. More may be heard from the developer this week.

ARMS received from significant publications great feedbacks when it was released in June for the Switch.