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Bizzare- Argentine reveals his secret needle tactics on the field


An Argentine soccer player is currently trending for the wrong reason as he revealed in an interview that he made use of a needle to injure an opponent during his team’s cup game on Sunday.

Federico Allende, who plays for Sport Pacifio as a defender bragged during an interview on the radio that he made use of a needle to prick strikers from their top division opponent, Estudiantes.

Federico revealed that as a player, he needed to be smart so as to help his team win.

He said on the radio that players needed to pull off dirty antics to win against teams like Estudiantes de La Plata.

“We all knew that if we wanted to win, we needed to play dirty and that’s why I kept poking their striker with a small needle”
“We already know that big club players hate it when they are touched, they also hate it when we explore time wasting time antics. That’s just the only way to win. Football is a game for smart people.”

Although Estudiantes’s player spoke to the referee that he was being poked during the course of the game, the referee ignored him.

He will be fired – Pacifio’s President

But his comment did not bring up the reaction that he was expecting as the president of the club, Hector Moncada, has vowed that he will expel Federico Allende for his act.

“This is devastating for us as a team because he has tarnished all the good work that the team put in to win. He will be sacked by the club” He said to Clarín newspaper.

Pacifico emerged victorious in the game as it ended 3-2 in their favour over Estudiantes, which is a big upset and the team was given a hero’s welcome when they arrived back to their hometown, General Alvaer from the capital Buenos Aires after the game.