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Border Wall To Harm American Citizens And Deprive Them From Their Property


A presidential campaign promise by the contentious republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, has been used as a thumbnail to his governance and a vocal point of his dissent.

The war launched by the real estate giant against immigrants in all their forms showed a wide scope of initiatives and measures that are supposed to curb the flow of new-comers to the country.

With xenophobia, bigotry and racial abusing comment; the new head of state has accumulated a supporter base of radical nationalist fanatics that follow the lead of their president in a vague and contradictory ambition to “Make America Great Again”.

Harsh crack-down

The severe scrutiny on non-citizens and foreigners entering the country, has been topped with regulations and measures that incited fear in the heart of outsiders, leading to most governmental agencies responsible of social services declaring a sharp decline in registered benefiters.

The crowning of the presidents vision comes with the declaration of building a southern wall that will separate the United States of America from its neighbor Mexico.

In an attempt to stop the immigration influx that has been notoriously happening along these vaguely secure borders, the domestic and international reaction to this mandate have raised tremendous discontent and disapproval.

U.S citizens objecting

Aside of the claim by the head of state that he will charge Mexico the bill for the construction of this new security measure that was welcomed with ridicule and dismissal, the wall itself would pose a harm to U.S citizens living in these areas close to the border.

A fence that has been established by past administrations along the outskirt of the country has resulted in residents to lose their property in the demarcation process.

These citizens have since been fighting legal battles to be re-compensated and are fearing that the new wall would cause more loss of property for their fellow neighbors.

A Texas Civil Rights Projects lawyer, Mr. Efren Olivares, stated their determination to take all legal measures to preserve the property and rights of his clients, saying: “That’s a fight that we’ve been ready to fight”