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Broadband Inaccessible By Millions in the UK


Telecoms regulator Ofcom has recently found that at least 1.4 million UK citizens either have no access to broadband or a limited amount to say the least.

However, according to the reports, the statistics reveal that these numbers have dropped in regards to the amount of homes that are able to possess a service of 10 mbps.


These reports analyze and study the progress of wireless communication and how far behind they may be, along with reporting the progress that has been made as well.

The infrastructure within the UK has been under heavy fire recently, as there are several roads and highways that have been referred to as ‘digital deserts’ and Ofcom stated that even though the numbers revealed in this report have dropped, the infrastructure must continue to improve.

They went on to mention that businesses and other citizens continue to be affected by the lack of a strong and durable connection. Ofcom stated that approximately a quarter of the homes situated within the rural areas are too distanced from telephone exchanges to receive the proper and necessary 10 mbps, and went on to state that this speed is now the minimum standard a household would need.

Disappointing figures regarding the UK’s 4G mobile signals, in which only 40 percent of all citizens can get an efficient connection, ranking them as 54th in the world for this case, has resulted in Ofcom issuing demands to resolve this matter urgently.

About £1.1 billion is said to be the standard and required budget plan to proceed with creating efficient network spots in the remote regions to allow them to receive the 10 mbps that citizens presiding within towns and cities currently have.

After the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) recently published a report regarding the inefficient infrastructure for wireless connectivity in the UK, Ofcom stated that since 2015 there has been significant improvement, but is still quite “appalling” till now.