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Businesses caught up at unawares following street spraying to fight Hepatitis A


San Diego is power washing the streets in the downtown area, following the outbreak of Hepatitis A in the city, which left 16 people dead and much infected. Signs mounted on street corners around Little Italy displayed that crews with the town will be washing the sidewalks the next day.

However, several business owners in the downtown areas have dark moments. NBC 7 gathered from the manager at Enoteca Style, Alejandro Buelna, who said he wasn’t aware that his streeted was mapped to be sprayed.

San Diego city informs the occupants 24 hours before posting the signs, yet many questions were not answered for the business. Buelna said the notice didn’t indicate if they should close down or open their business.

Crews kick off with sanitation

The sanitizing crews have begun sanitation in the East, spraying bleach and water mixture on the sidewalks to sanitize. The liquid sprayed is the gathered again, so it doesn’t flow into storm drains.

According to San Diego city, sidewalks may be closed, but not businesses. It’s all in a bid to respond and prevent the severe Hepatitis A outbreak that happened lately across Downtown San Diego.

The causative virus is extremely contagious and can live long on surfaces, meaning that walking on sidewalks can introduce the virus into your home. It’s often spread by not washing hands and other unsanitary measures.

According to the County of San Diego, most of the affected persons are homeless, but about 30% of the infected individuals are not drug users and are not homeless.

The sanitizing crews will go down to the Gaslamp District early hours of Friday after spraying on Wednesday. The city will examine the effectiveness of the spraying after this week, and will probably conduct another spraying in all the three districts in two weeks time.