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California woman claims lipstick made by Sephora gave her herpes


A woman from California in warning fanatics of the makeup of the dangers of cosmetics in test tubes has laid a claim that she had contracted herpes from the lipstick sample made by Sephora.

The woman, Elena Davoyan, had revealed that she tested at Los Angeles a common use sampler in October 2015 after which she was said to have oral herpes by the doctors, New York Daily stated.

For the problems gotten from the use of the cosmetic, Davoyan is demanding $25,000 from the cosmetic s giant including negligence and a case of intentional affliction.

The filed lawsuit states in its argument that communal lipsticks have been encouraged by Sephora and they have failed in informing customers on the dangers of applying them.

Davoyan further stated that the cosmetic company doesn’t have enough experience and practices to ward off the chance of herpes exposure, in contrast to some other outlets that make cosmetics available.

Lawsuit Filed

The lawsuit has also established that there are a number of solutions to stop the disease from spreading via the use of lip testers, and it is majorly the responsibility of the cosmetic store, Sephora.

The accused company had responded stating that the safety of their customers is their topmost priority.

It has been estimated that over 60% of folks under the age of 50 possess the type 1 of the simplex virus all over the world, WHO quoted.

Once an individual is exposed, the virus remains with the individual for life.