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Chaotic Shooting Ensues At Gender-Party


In Cincinnati, a family was celebrating their growing family on Saturday, however by Sunday morning, they were mourning the loss of a fetus and planning a funeral.


Unsuspecting 21-year old mother to be had invited friends to her home in Colerain Township to celebrate and reveal that she was pregnant with a baby boy.

After the party had ended, many of the guests remained and they decided to stay behind and watch one of the Spider-Man movies. After turning the lights out to watch the movie, two hooded men barged in and sprayed the living room with gunfire, according to a family member who was at the party. She chooses to stay anonymous for fear of her own safety.

22-year old Autum Garrett was killed and eight others injured, including three children between 2-8 years old. Two adults are still being treated at the University of Cincinnati Medical center.

Garrett was pronounced dead at the scene, said Police, after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. As of Sunday, police have yet to make any arrests.

Thankfully the children didn’t suffer any life-threatening wounds and were treated at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Police Chief Mark Denney of Colerain Township said he didn’t know if the children will remain hospitalized as of Sunday.

“I want to express our deepest sympathies for the victims and families in last night’s tragedy,” he said. “This is a significant issue when there is a shooting of three kids.”

Denney said that they have not yet been able to establish motive. Police couldn’t release names of the victims as it’s still an ongoing and sensitive investigation and couldn’t provide descriptions of the suspects.

“We have interviewed those who were medically able,” he said, adding that he could not confirm the loss of the fetus but had seen those reports.

Garrett was the pregnant woman’s cousin, says the anonymous family member. It’s been reported that the pregnant mother to be lost her baby after being shot in the thigh. Four other relatives and three more children did not suffer any injuries – they were all at the after party.

Denney told press that the police had found a gun outside the home, however it was not used in the shooting.

“We are just in the beginning stages of this,” Denney said at a Sunday afternoon news conference. “There’s a lot more questions I can’t answer than I can.”


He said eight of his officers worked overnight on the case and that the federal authorities are assisting as well.

“This is a sad day for all of our community,” City Administrator Dan Meloy said.

Denney asked that anyone with information call 513-321-COPS or Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. Callers can remain anonymous.

“Somebody has information about this,” he said. “When three kids get shot, someone has to step forward.”