Home Politics Chinese state media are attacking western democracy in front of Congress

Chinese state media are attacking western democracy in front of Congress


The official Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday attacked western democracies as disarray and controversial, celebrate the Great Communist Party’s congressional harmony and cooperative nature of the Chinese system the night before.

China constitutes the “leader” of the long-term role of the Communist Party in the government, but also allows for the existence of several other political parties under what is called the “multiparty cooperation system”. But they all subordinate to the Communist Party.

Activists who demand pluralism regularly lock up and criticize the Chinese authoritarian system

In a detailed commentary in English, Xinhua pointed to “crises and chaos in the swamp of Western liberal democracy.”

“Countless political marriages, conflicts and political changes that bring the features of liberal democracy delay economic and social progress and ignore the interests of most citizens.”

Xinhua did not mention any country, but state media have to rely on British voting examples, referring to the European Union, and Donald Trump’s election to the US presidency. UU. As examples of why Western democracy is wrong.

If Xi Jinping took office five years ago, he gave him his ancestors, the Chinese political reform many hopes, especially because of his national style and legacy of his father, Xi Zhongxun, former vice governor reformist.

But Xi has overseen the widespread repression of civil society, accused, or dozens of attorneys and rights activists arrested, officials say, is a threat to national security and social stability. Internet controls are also tough.

Xi hopes to further strengthen his position in a five-year Congress on Wednesday to promote key allies and to create a political framework for the coming years.

Xinhua said that Chinese-style democracy under the leadership of a party was never in a better shape.

“China has absolutely no need to import political systems of bankruptcy clients from other countries.”

“After a few hundred years the Western model shows its time. It’s time for deep reflection on the devastating democracies of so many of the world’s worries and not resolved.”