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Cisco is still optimistic about returning from vacation, maybe next year


Cisco Systems, Inc. Adds more money to its huge pile of money outside the US in the last quarter, despite the current downfall between US companies and President Donald Trump, the company remains optimistic that one day it may return when the next year may take place.

“More and more people say spend in [20] 18,” said Kelly Kramer, chief financial officer of Cisco, in a short interview with revenue in the fourth quarter after tax.

At the end of the quarter in July, Cisco said it had $ 70 billion in cash, just $ 3 billion in the US. If asked about money during earning a call on Wednesday, Cisco said Kramer’s flexibility in its current capabilities in the US, including the use of commercial bills, their need for buybacks and dividends having months will have to return high taxes without foreign funds. “We will continue to provide the necessary flexibility,” said the analyst.

Earlier on Wednesday reported Cisco’s estimated revenue was fine, it will still affect gross value, higher cost of memory chips

The company started as a catalyst, a product of big new developments in the automation level of the network software, driven by artificial intelligence, with the subscription option. However, their participation in traffic, after hours of decline, as a company for a quarter of a second perspective, sales fell slightly disappointed with investors, the greater the impact of their new expected product. Cisco CSCO, stock fell -2.16% 2.44% after several hours while S & P 500 IndexSPX, -0.18% 0.14% closed during normal business.

Analysts tried to change from the Company as a catalyst, whose main business could drive growth to be clear in many years back product. The two largest companies, Cisco switches and routers, both fell 9% in the third quarter. The only growing company came from its mobile phone business and security, 5% and 3%, respectively. Total sales of 4% in the third quarter to $ 12.1 billion.