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Diplomats say France’s President will seek to convince Trump to endorse Paris accords


Emmanuel Macron, the French President, will on Thursday, try to convince the U.S President, Donald Trump to combat climate change by sticking to the global deal. Diplomats said that Emmanuel would seek to make Trump fight the climate change despite the fact that there is no consensus on the matter.

Following Trump’s doubt that climate change is a result of man’s activities, he initiated a campaign pledge to annul the 2015 Paris Agreement. Currently, Trump has postponed the supposed decision to leave or stay that had been scheduled to hold before the summit on May 26 to 27 in Italy.

President Macron, new to international diplomacy, travels for a NATO summit on Thursday to Brussels. This is coming from the trip to Sicily for the G7 summit – Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan.
Macron will have an informal lunch with Trump before NATO; this is in a bid to ascertain his level of diplomacy by the Trump. Then again, France’s desire to ensure that the United States do not cut back on their commitment to the climate deal.
A senior French diplomat said pointedly that the ideal is to be steady on the Paris accord. He added that Trump would have Marcon table his case in his presence during the talks in Belgian capital.

Views by diplomats

The diplomats said that they don’t deem it right for U.S. to step out because it would mean a whole lot, and in the end make others pull out as well. Lack of agreements has been the issue ahead of the G7 summit. Consequently, the leaders will agree to a thing themselves.

Another diplomat stated that U.S. failed to take a standard position during the talks. This implies that one of the primary issues is to have all the G7 members and Americans committed. He further said that if Trump fails to support the Paris agreement, the chances are that the Italian presidency may give a different statement on climate change.

Usually, the final communiqué is reached ten days before, but the situation is strange here. Perhaps, negotiations will still be on untill Saturday.