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Displeasure Within The Union: UK Backfire


The disengagement of the United Kingdom from what was seen as the most exemplary union in history seems to be backfiring at them.

The 27 members of the European Union are clearly not delighted by it, which is reflected in the crippling conditions and requirements they are trying to impose on them.

European Upper-Hand

Donald Tusk, the chairman of the European council, is putting the Brits under pressure by refusing to negotiate the future of their common trade deals before they pay up their financial obligations (estimated at 60 billion pounds) as well as agreeing to be under the jurisdiction of the European supervisory bodies.

A critical element will be the territorial agreements over the island of Gibraltar being under dispute over ownership between the British and Spanish government since decades.

Indispensable Win-Win situation

A failure to reach a deal with Brussels puts the future of the UK at risk, considering the uncertainty of their trade relations with a multitude of countries and the status of millions of their citizens that live in the EU.

Although she’s faced with fierce negotiating partners, Theresa May, the prime minister of the kingdom, has repeatedly stressed the commitment of Britain towards its obligations and the confidence she has in being able to successfully navigate through the withdrawal mechanism.

In order to prompt up the global image of her country and to backfire at the aggressiveness of the negotiations, Mrs.May has stated that no deal is better than a bad deal.

In case that happens, it would not only leave the UK in disarray, but it would create instability for the lives of millions of citizens living across the continent and would bring unrest in all the continental markets.

Both parties are required to tone down their level of bargaining and try to reach a deal that would see both sides better off.