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Eminem Sues New Zealand National Party After “Lose Yourself” Appears In 2014 Elections Ad


Imagine “Lose Yourself” by Eminem playing in a court with a judge and nine lawyers? Indeed, the song was actually played as a copyright evidence in a trial which started Monday between Eminem and the National Party.


Eminem and his publishers are suing the Political National Party, a conservative party in New Zealand, accusing it of using Eminem’s song “Lose yourself” in an ad in the 2014 elections campaign. The alleged stolen song was titled “Eminem Esque” copying nearly the same beat of the original song.

Defending its case, the Party is claiming buying the soundtrack from a supplier based in Australia. The National Party also believes they didn’t breach any copyrights.

However, supporting Eminem’s case, emails from the Party are now known to the public as Garry Williams, the lawyer for Eminem’s music publishers Eight Mile Style, quotes from the Party Emails. In the emails, the National Party allegedly described the song as an Eminem “sound-alike.”

“I guess the question we’re asking, if everyone thinks it’s Eminem, and it’s listed as Eminem Esque, how can we be confident that Eminem doesn’t say we’re ripping him off?” an agent of the National Party wrote in one of the emails.

Williams stated that it was obvious “utterly clear” that the emails showed a breach of Eminem’s song copyrights.


Spokesperson of Eminem music’ publishers, Joel Martin, expressed how surprised he is that Eminem and the National party didn’t settle in the trial.

“The bottom line is we would never have permitted the use of the song in any political advertisement,” Martin commented on the matter.

 It is expected for the case to last around 6 days. The judge will then say whether there was a breach or not. Afterwards, the damages will be concluded.