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Executions Feared To Cause Traumatic Damages


Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson, scheduled the execution of eight convicted murderers over the period of 11 days consecutively in a frame not foreseen before in the history of the United States.

This comes at a shock to Dr.Allen Ault, who served as a correction officer in the late nineties and was assigned with the execution of five different criminals in less than a year.

Inductive fear

The task that requires a simple procedure, turned out to have heavy mental alternations and caused him a traumatic experience that still haunts him until the present day. The ex commissioner of the department of corrections in Georgia, fears that the men charged with their responsibility of taking the lives of the eight heavy perpetrators could suffer for the rest of their lives, not being able to reverse the severe toll inflicted on their mental health.

The state governor, neglecting Dr. Allen’s recount of psychological aftermath and the plead of twenty three officials of 16 different U.S. states to reconsider the sentencing, went on to insist the absence of choice he has in the framework of his jurisdiction.  As for the mental health of the assigned officer, he assures the capability of state counseling to contain the matter.

The price of murder

Throughout the history of capital punishment in the United States of America, the psychological impact of execution teams has been neglected that topic, that has seen as well little attention from the media.  Several former colleagues of Dr. Allan have had lasting side effects till the present day, as one called Craig Baxley attempted suicide and is being treated from post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The controversial death penalty seems to be an issue that can have serious implications on state workers and should get a greater revision of lawmakers concerning the health and safety of their employees.  It seems as this punishment does not only take the lives of convicted people but also sucks the life out of the personnel performing their duties.