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Family take footage of their Parkinson sufferer mother being left alone by carers for six hours – even though she was violently sick


A family claim their mother, who suffered from Parkinsons, was neglected by care home staff, who left her alone for six hours, even though she was being violently sick.

The family took hidden camera footage which seems to reveal that Sheila Morris was left alone all night at her nursing home, Privy Court in Surrey. Her son Clive was worried about the standards of care she was receiving and set up a camera.

He claims that he saw the moment carers left her, not coming back for six hours, even though she was very ill. However, Surrey County Council say that was not the case at all, and that Mrs Morris was visited by staff who checked up on her during the night.

Mr Morris, 46, however, says that his mother was not put in a safe position in bed, which meant she was put at risk of drowning on her sick. He said he believed that his mother was “fast tracked for the morgue”.

Not right

He said that he and his sister were paying £1,000 per week for his mother’s care, but that they were the ones who were doing the work. Mr Morris said that his family believed something was not right from the beginning.

They set up the camera because they were worried about the food that she was being given, and that she was not given enough fluids. She also suffered eight urinary tract infections during her time at the home.

Mrs Morris has now been moved to another home in Surrey. Surrey County Council investigated the allegations made by her family and found that claims she could have died after being sick were unfounded. Mr Morris says that care home staff closed the door to his mother’s room and did not re-enter for six years. But council chiefs also said that she was visited at least once during the night.