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Five need to know facts about the flu


With the advent of the Flu season, there are a few signs that it may be worse than usual.

Australia already is feeling the pangs of the flu, and witnessing over half of the flu cases as compared to the reported cases last year.

The Immunization Coalition of Australia had reported about 168,337 cases so far since the start of the year. Australia registered about 91,000 cases in 2016.

Listed here are five notable facts about the flu

1. The Influenza can kill

It is estimated that 36,000 people die from the flu every year, and the Center for Disease Control has recommended that people who are six months of age and older to become vaccinated.

2. The flu shot reduces the chances of you catching the Influenza

According to an unnamed doctor, the influenza vaccine is efficient and active. He further commented that a great job is being done by the Center for Disease Control to monitor the spread of the flu and to provide coverage for the strains they project may be in the coming year.
New CDC researchers indicate that the vaccine for the flu reduces one’s chance of contracting the flu by 50-60 %. Peradventure you are infected by flu, the vaccine facilitates a reduction in the risk of being hospitalized for children and even adults over 50 years of age.

3. The time is now

Two weeks is the estimated period it takes for the vaccine to kick in fully. There are plenty vaccinations to be shared about since this is just the beginning. However, if you stall, you could experience a shortage.

4. ‘’The Nasal Mist” is a sure vaccination to stay away from

“Unfortunately, this year the nasal spray vaccine won’t be effective this year,” stated an anonymous doctor. “And CDC is not endorsing it this year.”

5. No. It is not possible to catch the flu by taking the shot

The most you can suffer from taking the shot is a sore arm or maybe a slight cough or bad feeling. However, it would by no means give you the Influenza. That’s practically impossible considering the way the vaccine is constructed.

It is recommended by Doctors and medical professionals that you regularly wash your hands. Also, that you cough only into or on your sleeve.