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Game of Thrones’ actress, Emilia Clarke speaks on sexism in Hollywood


One of the iconic characters of ‘Game of Thrones,’ Emilia Clarke voiced out the sexism experience in Hollywood, and when she realised it.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the 30-year old Emilia Clarke says she feels inexperienced speaking on the issue, as it sounds more like racism. Virtually everyone is aware of it because it’s one thing you wake up to in the Hollywood. A scenario where a female is treated differently because of the sex differences characterises Hollywood.
She added that she didn’t just come to the conclusion of the existence of sexism in Hollywood, it took her a long time, and she realised in the end that it’s part of her daily life.

Clarke speaks of her nudity and its zero effect on her
Clarke admitted that she often plays the nude role on the HBO show, but it doesn’t alter anything. She added that it doesn’t make her refrain from being a feminist. She compared it to wearing Mascara and having a high IQ, saying that they can be merged to appear unique.

Some Game of Thrones’ characters take on sexism

Apparently, Clarke is not the first person to call out sexism in the Hollywood, Maisie Williams to takes the role of Arya Stark debunks a headline that honed its focus on her braless act, rather than the emphasis on charity ball she put up in the past June.
Likewise, Kit Harrington, popularly known as Jon Snow in the ‘Game of Thrones’ speaks about the how sexism also got to his end like a man. He stated that he sees himself more than his little looks, but most times, he gets roles for his look – this was disclosed in a statement last May to Sunday Times. He added that sexism also affects men.