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Head of Blackwater Negotiating U.S Interests With Russians


These days, the rumors in Washington seem to be never ending and taking unprecedented  dimensions.

If on the domestic or external level, political gossip is taking unfamiliar shapes in the United States of America, causing at certain instances instability and irrelevant escalations.

The most recent of these “fabrications” was centered, as usual around the president, but this time with the involvement of the brother of the education secretary, Erik Prince, founder of the renown private military contractor Blackwater.

Intelligence leaks

Anonymous senior sources in the intelligence community had reported the stopover of Mr.Prince in the Seychelles islands, following a request of the United Arab Emirates, to “represent” the American head of office in a round table of negotiations with the Russians concerning U.S interests in the Middle East.

The sources further clarified that the motion was focused on the Iranian chapter and its implications around the region especially in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

A deal is supposed to be offered to the government of Mr. Putin in exchange for its halt of Iranian backing causing its isolation on the international platform.

Rationality stamped False

Although the ties between Mr. Trump and Mr. Erik are imminent, as the latter has been seen attending the White House on several occasions and has been funding the presidential campaign of the earlier; the spokespersons of both counterparts equally ridiculed the theory and called it a matter of irrational proceedings.

It is important to mention that the “organizer” of this potential meeting, UAE and its gulf neighbors, fear an existential threat from Iran and are in an ongoing proxy conflict at very close proximity.

American concern is not only limited to the apprehension of its Arab allies but to the significant unease Israel is experiencing over the spread of Iran’s influence in the region that has surrounded all of its northern borders.