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Human Remains Discovered On Farm Where Suspect Left Missing Man’s Car


Investigators searching for four missing Pennsylvania men discovered the body of one in a common grave

Cosmo DiNardo, age 20, owns the sprawling farmland where Pennsylvania authorities were searching for four young men who went missing last week.

DiNardo was charged with homicide after attempting to sell one of the missing men’s stolen car, and his property was investigated.

The FBI discovered a common grave full of human remains as well as the body of one of the young men, 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro.

Bucks Count District Attorney Matt Weintraub stated: “This is a homicide, make no mistake about it. We just don’t know how many homicides.”

DiNardo is “known to be suffering from mental illness”. The other three men, Mark Sturgis (22), Tom Meo (21), and Jimi Tar Patrick (19), vanished between Wednesday and Friday of last week.

Meo’s 1996 Nissan Maxima was discovered on the same farm as Finocchiaro’s body and the other human remains. An unnamed witness stated DiNardo attempted to sell the car to him for $500.

DiNardo was known to be unstable, friends of the missing testify

Eric Beitz, 20, said on Wednesday that he and his friends had met DiNardo, stating that “He [DiNardo] seemed to have ulterior motives.”

“I can tell on multiple different occasions, on multiple different accounts, from multiple different people, including myself – Cosmo has spoken about weird things like killing people and having people killed,” Beitz continued.

“Everybody you talk to about this guy, you hear he’s mentally unstable.”

Beitz went on to say that DiNardo was known for dealing marijuana and selling firearms, aggressively searching for new customers – his mobile number was circulated regularly by resident teenagers.

DiNardo has had a few other minor traffic violations and infractions on his record since turning 18.