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Hundreds join Walnut the whippet on his final walk


In heartwarming scenes, hundreds of people turned out to join Walnut the whippet for this last ever walk.
With Walnut having become old, infirm and very unwell, his owner Mark Woods had taken the heartbreaking decision, on veterinary advice, to put him down.
But, before taking him to the vet, Mr Woods put out an appeal via Facebook for people to join him and Walnut on the pet’s last walk on his favourite beach in Cornwall.
Wrapped in a blanket, Walnut had to be carried by Mr Woods along Porth Beach because he had become too unwell to walk.
He was joined by dozens of other dogs, along with the owners, who had been touched by his story and wanted to say goodbye.
Mr Woods said he had taken the tough decision to put Walnut out of his misery because the 18-year-old dog was “on his last legs”.
The pet owner, from Newquay, has three other whippets, but Walnut was clearly his favourite. He said the dog just had “something about him” and the two had been through “an awful lot together”.
He said he was absolutely flabbergasted by the response to his message on social media to urge anyone who wanted to join him and Walnut on their final walk together to join them at Porth Beach.
When Mr Woods reached the sea, he lowered Walnut onto the sand so he could dip his paw into the water. He had loved splashing in the sea when he was younger and less infirm.
After their final walk together, he had to prepare to say goodbye to his beloved dog.
Speaking about why he had taken the unusual move of asking other walkers to join him, he said: “I didn’t want to just sit here moping around, I thought we should go for a last walk so his day was reasonably normal, and mine was reasonably normal as well.”
Mr Woods said Walnut always went wherever he did. He said: “He has always travelled around with me, all around London and he stood by the swimming pool whilst I gave diving lessons, we’ve been in all sorts of bizarre situations together, various girlfriends who have got upset because I always put him before them, I have always put him first and maybe I shouldn’t have but he is just such a special dog.”