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Influenza: The Health Minister of NSW announces current preventive ‘not up to the job’ after deadly flu period


A total of 546 people have been killed by the virus this year. The middle age of death is 85.

Mr. Hazzard opined that it was up to the State, territory, and the Federal Government to see to it that the best vaccination was accessible, stating that it would be an interesting issue when ministers meet a week from now.

Doctor Peter Collignon of Canberra Hospital, who is also the executive director of ACT Pathology, announced that this year’s vaccine had “low viability” for the A (H3) strain, in charge of most of the influenza cases.

Key points

A new vaccine could be more effective to combat the dangerous flu, said Professor Brendan Murphy, Australia’s chief medical officer.

• 546 individuals died nationwide this year from flue
• The middle age for influenza deaths in Australia this year was 85
• A new, more powerful vaccine could be optimized on to the free vaccination program.

There are two vaccines which are made to help the elderly. They are, however, not part of the Government’s free immunization program which is utilized for vulnerable age groups.

One out of the two vaccines has a higher dose than the standard one, while the other is an adjuvanted vaccine which helps to boost the immune system’s reaction to the virus.

The chief administrator of the Immunisation Coalition, Professor Paul van Buynder, said this year’s physicians healed patients who had gotten influenza in spite of being inoculated.

Two of the three manufacturers of the vaccines on the Government’s free influenza immunization program have said proposals that higher rates of this year’s flu virus due to an inexpensive vaccine, are false.

Sanofi and Seqiris produce more powerful vaccines, but both did not apply to partake in this year’s immunization program.

The third producer, GSK Australian Pharmaceuticals, which produce a less effective vaccine, is quiet about the issue.