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iPhone X face recognition technology may be fooled by a simple face mask


A team of researchers from Vietnam claim to have, by the use of a 3D-printed mask that is composited, bested the face ID system of authentication installed by Apple in their latest release, the iPhone X. The researchers stated in their report that a face recognition system is not sophisticated enough to guarantee the security of smartphones.

The Senior Vice President of Apple had claimed during the launch of iPhone X that the handheld device is capable of differentiating between a real human face and a mask because of the artificial intelligence (AI) that is installed in it.

The team of Vietnamese researchers employed a 3D printer to print their mask which cost them less than $200.

“The Nose on the mask was made by hand by an artist. 2D printing was employed by us in the simulation of other [arts (this is not far from how face recognition ID was fooled by us almost a decade ago). The skin on the face of the mask was made by hand all to fool the Artificial Intelligence installed by Apple on the iPhone X.” Bkav had mentioned in a post on a blog online.

The Face ID technology may be fooled by a Mask

“The mask was made by a combination of 3D printing and supported by makeup and some 2D images. We also performed some careful processing on areas around the cheek on the face of the mask where there were large areas of skin to best the Face ID of the AI,” Ngo Tuan Anh, the vice president of Bkav said in a statement.

The security experts at Bkav who shared the video of how they did this on the internet said that the Face ID technology is flawed since it can be fooled and as such is not really effective as a measure for security.

Back in 2008, the first company to flaw the technology of face recognition was Bkav who with evidence bested the security of various laptops.