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It is wrong to discriminate people because of their political leanings


Political discrimination is rampant in the country. According to information provided by recent researches, in comparison to racial discrimination, political discrimination is more widespread and intensive. For instance, in a study conducted by two qualified political scientists where they handed over a thousand resumes of students and wanted to know from their respondents which of the students should receive scholarships,the responses that they received showed that respondents made their decisions based on political leanings as well as races.

Results of the experiment carried out by the political scientists

The resumes that were handed out by the researchers contained racial cues like memberships in the African-American Association as well as political cues like membershipto the Republican Party’s youth group. Accordingly, the experiment brought forth the outcomes that Blacks preferred black students in the range of 27 to 73% and white people, on the other hand, preferred Black students to some extent.Additionally, not only the Democrats, but even Republicans preferred students who were in agreement with them to the tune of eightypercent. Most importantly, they preferredlike-minded students who were from their side, even when there were other students who had better qualifications.

Reasons for unexpected stress on political labels

Political labels are being used by people to build their social and communal identities. While people have stopped being hypercritical about different lifestyles, they have become highly critical over policy labels. Politics have now taken on the color of basic decency, and people who do not belong to the right party are considered to be short of basic compassion as well as loyalty to the nation. Most importantly, political issues have begun to be considered as symbols of dignity and worth. Highly educated individuals prefer to define themselves around their political beliefs than their ethnic identity or family religion.Political campaigns, in addition to media provocateurs,have started to build loyalty by dispersing the communicationthat an electoral fight is not only about everyday issues but are more about life itself. Such hyper-moralization ruins politics which is in general a fight between opposing interests or an effort to equilibrate partial truths.

Such a discriminating mentality leads to the ruination of human interaction. For this reason, it is not right to judge individuals based on their political leanings, because variety is what make human beings unique and every political party boasts of this uniqueness.