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Ivanka Trump Takes Her Father’s Seat At G20 Summit


Despite Ivanka Trump claiming she “tries to stay out of politics”, she ends up taking her father’s seat during a meeting at the G20 Summit

“Had To Step Out”

After U.S. President Donald Trump “had to step out” during the middle of a discussion about Africa, Health and Migration, his daughter Ivanka Trump promptly took his seat.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented: “It is very well known that she works at the White House”, adding that negotiations with the United States continue to be “very difficult”.

Ivanka’s presence at the summit was received extremely well by the Russian team – Russian G20 Sherpa Svetlana Lukash tweeted: “Pres Putin points to G20 partners on absence of real evidence & confirms that Russia had never interfered in the U.S. election”.

Lukash deleted the tweet shortly afterwards, and followed up with several photos of Ivanka.

The final result of the G20 results about the Paris Climate Change Agreement are 19 to 1, with the United States continuing to refuse to meet the terms of the agreement.

Chancellor Merkel worked hard to ensure all other nations “stood up” to President Trump regarding the Paris Agreement.

The President’s team stated that the US would “work together with members states to help access fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently.”

Ivanka appears to be immune from the difficulties her family and U.S. administration face getting around Hamburg

Hamburg has been overwhelmed with protests, cars being set on fire and windows smashed by residents who were against the G20 summit taking place in their city.

Melania Trump ended up trapped at her guest home after protesters made it impossible for her to leave. President Trump and Rex Tillerson have also faced difficulties getting around the city.

Ivanka, however, faced no such problems, dining at the Four Seasons hotel on Thursday night.