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Killer whales are some of the smartest sea creatures among brainy sea creatures


Some of the striking members of the Cetacean family include Whales and Dolphins, according to scientists they are the most intelligent of the family and differences have been observed in them by virtue of the size of their brains.

About 90 cetacean members who on Monday documented has revealed that species with relatively larger brain size show off more complex social structures and mannerisms. Spermwhale of the group leads the pack in this quality.

They were discovered to be really playful and fast in learning. Suzanne Schultz, a biologist with the University of Manchester in Great Britain, opined that Dolphins and whale possess “complicated” communication patterns.

The bigger the brain, the smarter the fish

A database of brain size, social behaviours and brain size was created, Dolphins emerged as the group with the most massive brain to body size. Cetaceans were observed to behave in a complex and sophisticated manner. It was noted that for example babysitting duties are organised by Mother sperm whales while they hunt for food for their young. Sea sponges are employed by dolphins to break beaks while they go food foraging.

Among the largest cetaceans is the blue whale which was on the bottom end of the relative size of the brain.