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Mad dash to stock up on water fuelled by Oakland County water emergency


A water main break in Oakland County is being attended to by the crews of the Farmington Hills judiciously. The break has been estimated to affect over 200, 000 people in the area.

The part that will facilitate the repair of the damaged water main is expected to come in on Wednesday, but for now, at least 50.000 people don’t have access to running water.

This emergency has brought about a significant surge in demand for bottled water, despite the aisles still being dry.
Owners of businesses in the county have made it clear that they are finding difficult to satisfy the sudden upsurge in demand for water.

Local businesses owners allegedly exploit shortage

However, at a Mobil gas station, a single water case was being sold for $19, and this made customers very sad. The manager was contacted by a Local 4.

‘There is nothing wrong with what is, the case itself was purchased at a whopping price of $16.’

That’s not the case at Maple and Decker roads in Walled Lake, inside a Mobil gas station. The business was dealing a case of water for $19. Customers were not happy, and Local 4 called the manager.

“I do not see anything wrong with it,” he said. “I paid $16 for the case. Do you see my sign over there? $4.99.”

Most customers did not reason in the way of the Manager, and they expressed their disappointment saying he (the manager) was taking advantage of the situation to enrich his pocket.

Once the damaged pipe has been replaced, the boil water advisory will require a minimum of two days to confirm that the water flows in the right way.