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Man dies from penis enlargement


It wasn’t a happy ending for the man who wanted a bigger penis. According to doctors, the Swedish man who opted for penile elongation got into cardiac arrest towards the tail end of the surgical operation.

The 30-year-old man never had any medical history of such before now, except for mild asthma. In a report by Journal of Forensic Sciences, the man died in an emergency room after several attempts by the doctors to resuscitate him.

Autopsy finds

An autopsy carried out on the man showed that health was okay, though he had a slightly enlarged heart. However, it was concluded that the cause of the death was embolism of the pulmonary fat.

The penile procedure can be achieved by injecting fats cells from other body parts into the penis. Liposuction gets the fat cells. The man whose penile enlargement resulted badly had his abdominal fat cells taken for the penile enlargement process.

Although many feel unsatisfied with the size of penis they have and would like to go for the expansion of this organ, scientists warn that the risks are always there. They cited several cases where several patients didn’t survive gluteal lipo-injection, where fat cells are taken artificially to the buttocks.

According to the Journal, this case marks the first time where the mere penile enlargement process by transfer of fat cells didn’t work but resulted in the death of a young man. Maybe there’s a high risk of fat embolization when traumatized tissue is injected with fat. As seen in this recent case where penile ligament was loosened, and fat injected afterward.

International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows that about 1,800 penile enlargements surgeries are carried out each year across the world, without minding the risks. Likewise, the research by SKYN, a condom brand suggests that the average size of a penis when erect is 6.1 inches.