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Mom Saves Child About To Fall Through Moving Train


A mother saves her child as he was about to fall through a missing floorboard on a moving train.

The Incident

As a mother and her child were trying to find the bathroom on a moving train, she saves her child, as he was about to fall through a missing floorboard. The child only suffered from some minor bruising, but both the mother and the child were in shock. The train was reportedly traveling at around 20mph. The incident is currently under investigation by the “Rail Accident” investigation branch.

The SDR has announced that it has officially reported the issue to the RAIB and the ORR, the two principal authorities in terms of rail regulation.

The SDR’s Comments

SDR issued a statement sincerely apologizing for the incident, saying: “On the day in question, something clearly went wrong with our safety control and hazard monitoring systems as evidenced by the incident having taken place – it simply should not have happened.”

“As a result, we took steps to check all of our coaches and, subject to RAIB and ORR guidance, plan to implement an enhanced and rigorous inspection and monitoring regime for all passenger vehicles for the future.

“Despite this incident occurring, we are pleased that the SDR will continue to run its steam trains whilst the ORR and RAIB investigations are pending.

“Whilst we await the findings of the RAIB and ORR investigations, our own internal inquiry will leave no stone unturned either in order to discover how this incident occurred, how we might learn lessons from it, and how we can act accordingly in making improvements.

It also added: “We are committed to putting safety at the heart of every area of our operations and — whilst this was an isolated incident without any previous precedent — there can be no room for complacency where railway and passenger safety is concerned.”