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Muslims Raise Over £17,000 For London Attack Victims in Under 24 Hours


Muslims raised over £17,000 for victims of the recent Westminster attack in just one day.

The Fundraising Campaign

Muslims have raised over £17,000 in just 24 hours to help the victims of the Westminster attack. One Muslim man, Muddassar Ahmed, who witnessed the attack initiated the crowdfunding campaign, “Muslims United for London.” It reached £3,000 within just one hour after the page went up, and passed the £10,000 mark 15 hours later.

Ahmed reportedly walked into Portcullis House 10 minutes prior to the attack. He commented on his decision to start the crowdfunding page:

“I was shocked to see the injuries and loss of life outside my window,” he wrote.

“I reflected on what it means to be a born-and-bred Londoner and found myself proud of how security and medical services responded, how ordinary passers-by offered first aid, and what our Parliament means to me, an institution that is the oldest of its kind in the world and how, regardless of our critiques of government policies or political parties, remains an institution that reflects how the will of the people can be expressed with civility and dignity.”

Now that the campaign has raised £17,000, the new target is now £20,000- a target they are hopeful will be fulfilled, given the unexpected “high demand and heartwarming response.”

Updates on The Attack

The police have publically named one of the suspects who carried out the attack- all of whom were shot dead at the scene. One was Khalid Masood, 52, from Kent, who converted to Islam. He drove the vehicle into pedestrians at the House of Parliament, and fatally stabbed PC Keith Palmer, before the police shot him dead.

ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for this, deeming Masood as a “soldier of the Islamic State,” but it still remains unclear whether or not they were actually involved.

Early on Friday, the police announced that a fourth person who was injured from the attack had died. The third victim was a 75-year-old man whose life support has been withdrawn. He was reportedly one of the pedestrians the suspects’ van crashed into before they entered Borough Market.