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Nabra Hassanen Memorial Catches Fire In Dupont Circle


The memorial for a Nabra Hassanen, a teen killed near a Virginia mosque, caught fire in Dupont Circle on Wednesday, according to fire officials.

Memorial on fire

DC Fire headed to the scene at around 8:30 a.m. and came to a conclusion that the remains from the memorial at the Dupont Memorial Fountain on Connecticut Avenue NW belong to 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen.

Firefighters, however, managed to put down the fire. DC Police said Jonathon Soloman, 24, of South Carolina was arrested and charged in connection with the fire.

The United States Park Police stated that Soloman was trying to burn several item in the park and that he did not target Nabra’s memorial solely.

Officials said that there were no serious or permanent damages thanks to the fountain and Soloman was accused of vandalism.

A large crowd assembled in Dupont Circle and around several major cities to pay tribute to Nabra, who was murdered during a suspected road incident while she was on her way back from a mosque in Fairfax County early Sunday morning, according to police.

The incident

Nabra was among a 15-teenager group in the Sterling area as they were on their way back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society at about 3 a.m., according to police.

Then an argument was fueled between the suspect, Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, and teen in the group who was riding a bicycle, according to officials.

Police said the quarrel intensified and Torres stopped his car and began chasing the group with a baseball bat and assaulted Nabra.

Authorities said that after the attack, Torres took Nabra in his car to a nearby area and continued assaulting her then threw her in a pond where her body was later found.

Authorities confirmed Nabra was subject to the violence twice before her death – once in Loudoun and once in Fairfax – and confirmed they were investigating if there was any sexual assault carried out during the two attacks.