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Netanyahu: Israel will not welcome Palestinian Unity Deal


Benjamin Netanyahu stating at a conference of the ruling Likud Party has removed the chance of welcoming the Palestinian unity government, peradventure if one were to emerge in the on-going talks held among factions of Palestine.

The Israeli Prime Minister insisted that it would be at the expense of Israel existence for any Palestinian unity to come and that he wasn’t going to let it come to life. Condemning the reconciliation talks were other top Israeli officials, indicating that they contributed to the Abbas government “getting comfortable in a murderous terror organization.”

The cabinet today assembled in the Gaza strip for the first time since 2014. This act of reconciliation appears to be more in progress than the effort in 2014, with the Gaza government being disbanded willingly by Hamas with the aim of putting it under the unity government, awaiting an election.

No reconciliation!

Netanyahu’s stand on the matter is greatly unchanged from the effort in 2014, during which he also was unwavering about the effort, and maintained that such reconciliation would be detrimental to peace talks.

The position is akin to catch 22 for the Palestinians, as Israeli officials waved the chance of Palestinian statehood for the fact that the Palestinians aren’t unified, but when they become unified, Israel sees that too as evidence the Palestinians aren’t resolute about peace.