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New price for prime members unveiled by Amazon and Whole Foods


Today, Amazon along with Whole Foods made public a group of discounts for members who are on the their Prime list, the detailed list comprised of cuts in prices on popular Thanksgiving items like Turkey and also an entire list of other Organic 365 items and also items gotten from brands that they had partnered with. The discounts which were shared on the website owned by Whole Foods’ has been set active and to commence today. This indicates again the fact that Amazon plans to take advantage of its over 13 billion dollars’ worth of acquisitions gotten from the national grocery store and provide more value to subscribers of its prime membership that are billed $99 every year, joining the benefits gotten both on the online platform and offline in significant ways.

According to the press release, it is stated that this offer is intended to be a sneak show of the special savings and benefits gotten by prime members once prime is made as the official program of rewards of Whole Foods Market. What this implies is that one can expect Amazon to keep on reducing prices of goods at Whole Foods in a bid to make its offers more attractive to customers. Now, to further complement the price cuts that they will be introducing, all members of the prime package are liable to get up to a 50 cent price reduction in price, this is even after the amazing price cuts that will be on turkey and other organic foods purchased.

More price slashes announced

Even after reducing the price in turkey, Amazon now offers a lower price on all Whole Foods that are on the 365 line for goods like shrimp, chicken breasts, organic broccoli, sweet potatoes and salad mixes. Also will there be reduced prices from brands that are partnered with Whole Foods, such as the Lundberg Family Farms, Pacific Foods, Eden Foods, Organic Valley and Tom’s Maine.