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New York Yankees Thinking Of Not Paying Alex Rodriguez $6 Million


Alex Rodriguez Has 10 Years $275 Million Contract

Recently, a news has been making the rounds that Alex Rodriguez may not be paid the $6 million assured to him by The New York Yankees even if he manages to hits six home runs and ties Willie Mays at 660 for fourth place on the career list. The $6 million payment pertains to a separate marketing agreement on top of the $275 million he gets for the 10-year contract with the team. In the marketing contract, he will get $6 million payments for up to five milestone accomplishments designated by the Yankees. The 5 milestones are tying the home run totals of Mays, Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds, (762), and breaking Bonds’ major league record.

Rodriguez Will Come Back After A Drug Suspension

Alex Rodriguez is set to join the team next month after spending a whole season on drug suspension. He still has three seasons and $61 million in guaranteed money remaining in his contract. However, the disgrace he has gone through has made the New York Yankees jittery and they do not want to hail any achievement by him and let it go unnoticed. Of course, if the Yankees backtrack, then that will lead to a grievance on Rodriguez’s behalf by the Major League Baseball Players Association. Ron Berkowitz, Rodriguez’s spokesman, refused to comment.

Meeting Between Rob Manfred And Alex Rodriguez

On the other hand, Alex Rodriguez had a meeting with Rob Manfred, the lead investigator of Biogenesis of the America clinic which led to the suspension of the player for violation of baseball’s drug agreement and labor contract. However, Manfred dismissed the meeting by saying, “Occasionally when players have an issue, they have asked me for advice, come to see me, wanted to talk to me about something,” “I don’t put a particular significance on this meeting. It was one of those things. A player wanted to come in. We had a brief meeting.”