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No longer will it be a Felony to infect someone with HIV on purpose in California


A law was signed that lowers the penalty for endangering partners to HIV. Governor Jerry Brown, the governor of California, signed the act into law on Friday, the crime was once a felony, then a misdemeanour, inclusive of all those who give out blood.

Putting someone in the risk of HIV was handled more severely under the California law than infecting an individual with any other communicable disease, this was policy was then regarded by most lawmakers as synonymous to the AIDS scare that quite unfairly punishes HIV-positive people by an out-dated science.

In the old law, if an individual knowingly infected someone with HIV via unprotected sex, they could be convicted of a felony and consequently face years of jail time. It was established that an intentional transmission of any other disease was treated as a misdemeanour, even life-threatening conditions like Hepatitis.

Science or Fear?

“These laws were put into the law at the zenith of the HIV/AIDS epidemic when great misinformation and fear shrouded HIV” Sen. Scott Wiener had told the Los Angeles Times. “The time is now for the people of California to repeal these laws simply to send an unambiguous signal that we are going to apply a science-based approach and not a fear-based approach.”

The bill, however, was repeatedly voted against by Sen. Joel Anderson

“I’m of the opinion that if you inflict someone with a life-threatening disease on purpose, a disease that alters their way of life for the rest of their days, it should be treated as a felony,” Anderson stated as recorded by the paper.