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Nokia Set To Revamp Health App Following Backlash


Nokia has expressed their disappointment that it’s Healthmate fitness-tracking tech app has users a lot of trouble.

The tech firm Withings which focuses on health and fitness was bought over by Nokia in 2016 and they recently replaced the Withings Healthmate application with a Nokia-branded version.

The Health Mate has gotten over a million downloads from different app stores.

However, a lot of users left one-star review, expressing their displeasure about the new app, stating that some vital feature from the Withings version was omitted.

The company disclosed that an update will resolve the integrate features that are missing.

Same App, Different Feature

Before Withing was taken over by Nokia, an in-built internet enabled a feature that will weigh scales as well as air feature monitors, which supports data that is unique to the Health Mate app.

One user, Tony, disclosed that before “Nokia took over and totally spoilt the Withings app in one swoop.”

“The earlier launched app was loaded with bugs and it was unbelievable. Their recent app is horrifying and we all wish to have the previous one back, which is preferable.” Another user wrote.

Nokia said “unfortunately, not too many users suffer bugs and syncing problems, only that few were disappointed to see a few of its features from the older version were not built in.”

“We launched an update that corrects a lot of the problem. Shortly we will get some update on it and integrate the few missing features.”

“We will not be happy until the final problem have been resolved so it can perform as good as users would like it too as they expect from a Nokia brand.”