Home Technology OnePlus 5 called a serious problem that OnePlus screen “naturally”

OnePlus 5 called a serious problem that OnePlus screen “naturally”


There is a new controversy for the new phone “never solve” OnePlus 5, and it seems to be a rather serious problem. But I do not believe in managing OnePlus. Instead, the company said in a statement that the move “jelly effect” phone is “natural”.

What effect do you want to ask? This video shows it in action:

Basically, some OnePlus 5 units are hit by a weird problem; the screen behaves like a jerk as it moves through them.
“OnePlus 5 uses the same high-quality OnePlus component all-in-one, including the AMOLED display,” said OnePlus, in Phone Arena’s statement. “We have received feedback from a small number of users, saying that sometimes the subtle visual effect is extremely moving. This is natural and there is no variation on the screens between the devices. ”

Ok, OnePlus, we all can agree that the performance in the video above is not fine, it is quite the opposite. I’m pretty sure he did not give it that. Or, if that is the case, I did not experience other phones.

It is unclear at this point how many users are affected by this strange problem. OnePlus said the daffodil effect is “no QA failure or production.” Again, what is it Anyway, that’s not normal, of course, or whether to describe it to select it for each word. So it’s best to give your OnePlus 5 a model that does not come with gelatin’s screen. And OnePlus has to find a solution to it.