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Paris welcomes Stan: the robotic parking valet


There is now novel robot park-car method under examination. The robot is named Stan.

This is a shortened nomenclature given to Sternly Robotic, a Paris-based company which creates technological innovations like this. They set up the robot around the city’s aerodrome in readiness to the debut open test.

This is what Stan does:

Firstly a vehicle will be pulled inside the alighting zone; you would get details of journey as well as the fee entered unto an interface provided before securing the car.
After that, an electronic robotic form on wheels would move round before plainly picking the vehicle using giant thongs which it will get attached to your tyres, reminiscent of towing vans.

Subsequently, Stan basically rolls the car into a spacious location, smoothly bringing it to the ground, before going for the next.

In view of the fact that a door won’t have to be used in the operation, vehicles when placed closely in space will improve capacities by half the original size.
A robotic set up would take care of around four hundred vehicles at a go, as well as arrange them according to the best positioning which would coincide with return times.

Perhaps a superlative feature remains the fact where you wouldn’t need to grant the robot inside access to your vehicle.

One more component from Stan’s features is savings from further expenditures in operations (electricity, lightings, lifts, et cetera) in addition to the replacement of human beings.
There is an intrigue to us: in the future, this robot might pack a self-driving vehicle.

However would it ask for tips?