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Patty Jenkins takes shot at James Cameron over criticism of her movie – Wonder Woman


In a recent interview, James Cameron addressed the superhero movie, Wonder Woman, as a step backward. However, the director of the film isn’t taking the shot lightly anyway. Patty Jenkins took a shot at James Cameron on Thursday night.

In a tweet, Jenkins said James’ inability to decipher what Wonder Woman stands for and means to women all over the world is not a surprise. He may be a good filmmaker but not a woman.

An interview published by The Guardian, James Cameron said the hoisting and applauds being accorded to Wonder Woman has been misled. He added that she’s an objectified icon, and he sees it as the same obsolete Hollywood doings. However, Cameron made it clear that he doesn’t dislike the movie, but it’s a step backward.

Cameron, who has starred iconic women in top roles, applauded his Sarah Connor character in the Terminator 2. He stated that Connor was troubled, wrong and in fact, a terrible mother, and never a beauty icon. And she got the audience’s respect via through grit.

Many detest Cameron’s statements

His comments were criticized on Twitter, as many pointed it out as remarks. Jenkins responding to Cameron’s statement referred to her previous movie, Monster, which Cameron praised. Charlize Theron’s interpretation of serial killer Aileen Wuornos won her the Academy Award for best actress.

Jenkins went on to say that Cameron praised her film that showcased a damaged, and yet an appreciated woman. She wrote that women don’t have to be troubled, hard or strong always, and they are not free to celebrate an icon of women because she is loving and stunning, then little has just been achieved.