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Pensioner’s body is discovered in cruise ship ventilation shaft TWO months after she went missing


A pensioner’s body has been found in the ventilation shaft of a cruise ship two months after her husband reported she was missing.

German national Ernst Bechstein, 74, fell asleep on a sun lounger, only to wake up to find that his wife Imelda, also 74, had gone. He has now blasted the cruise liner for not carrying out a proper search, saying that perhaps his wife could have been saved if they had looked for her more thoroughly.

He said that his wife did sometimes become disorientated and he thought she must have wondered into the engine room and fallen into te ventilation shaft. He told crew that she had gone as soon as he woke up, but she has only just been discovered.

The pair had been on a week long holiday in Sardinia, Italy, because they wanted to escape the autum weather in Munich, Germany. They took a ferry from Sardinia back to Genoa on the Italian mainland, when the coule had a rest on sun loungers.


The worried husband searched all over the 3,000-passenger ferry but could not find his wife. The captain of the ship than gave crew the order that they should search the whole vessel to try to find her, but they did not locate Imelda.

Speculation since then has been that she may have fallen overboard as she did not seem to be anywhere on the ship. However, according to reports, the tragic pensioner has now been found in a maintenance shaft.

Her husband said he could not understand how a member of the public was able to get into the engine room. A post mortem examination has revealed that she died the night after she disappeared.

Her body is being held in Genoa because the public prosecutor has not yet released it. Ernst says he wants now to be able to take his wife’s body home so he can give her a proper burial.