Home Politics Pictured: The Obamas enjoying a break on Necker Island

Pictured: The Obamas enjoying a break on Necker Island


Barack and Michelle Obama have been spotted trying to relax after the former president’s eight years in office. The couple are on holiday on Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

The couple had already had a long weekend in Palm Springs, California, where President Obama was seen playing a few rounds of golf, as well as having a session in the gym. They then flew, as billionaire Mr Branson’s guests on his private check.

Barack and Michelle are clearly in holiday mode, wearing shorts, sandals, hats and sunglasses like any other tourists. The former first couple waved at passersby and thanked well wishers who said they hoped the couple had a good vacation.

The pair are understood to be staying on one of Mr Branson’s two private islands. He owns Necker and Moskito Island, where he has just opened a new eco resort.


However, Mr Obama was compelled to speak out following events in the US, releasing a statement about President Trump’s so-called Muslim ban. In the statement, he said he was heartened to see that people were engaged to such an extent that they were organising protests to make their voices heard about opposition to Mr Trump’s ban on people from seven countries coming into the US.

Mr Obama said it was just this sort of strong action he expected to see when American values were at stake. When President Trump officially took the keys to the White House, Mr Obama said he would be remaining on the sidelines. However, he did add that he would speak out where “core issues” were at stake.

However, he and Michelle looked completely care free as they enjoyed some time in the sunshine with Mr Branson and his daughter Holly, who posted images of the party hitting golf balls into the sea.