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Planned Parenthood Donations On the Rise Since Election


While the Republican Party has plans to continue the restriction of Planned Parenthood and its ability to deliver the services it aims to provide, a Donald Trump win has actually helped the organization with its fund-raising efforts. With Trump’s promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and his upcoming appointment of Supreme Court Justices the organization sees their efforts continuing to get harder.  Or maybe not. The plan in place for republicans is to cut over $400 million in funds with their control in the House, Senate, and Oval Office. The ACLU has also seen $23 million in the weeks since Donald Trump was declared the President-elect. 

The Guardian reports that Planned Parenthood has received $300,000 in donations, “40 times its normal rate” since the winner of our latest presidential election was announced.  Most donors were first time donors and many were millennials.  The organization is also seeing a large amount of these donations in the name of Mike Pence, which means the Governor receives the certificate of donation.  To date there have been over 80,000 of these donations. Quite ironic and a bold statement as Vice President-elect Mike Pence is a pro-lifer who would do away with Roe vs Wade if he had the chance.  As a legislator he signed 8 anti-abortion laws in less than four years.