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President Trump to amend rules on export of arms: report


The Trump-led government is said to be planning to cut down the laws on American producers marketing small guns and assault rifles to clients overseas.

An official of Trump’s administration confirmed the information to The Hill, saying that the State Department is putting efforts to ensure the U.S government’s approval of the exportation of nonmilitary firearms and ammunition to the Jurisdiction of the Commerce Department, and maintaining the exportation of military grade items under State Department jurisdiction.

Speaking to Reuters, administration officials said the proposed law change would lower regulatory red tape, create employment and boost U.S gun exports.

Democratic Senators take on the matter

Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Ben Cardin (Md) and Patrick Leahy (Vt.) delivered a letter to Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State asking him not to amend international Trafficking in Arms regulations for little arms, some form of weapons and related ammunition without examining the possible consequences.

In the sent to Tillerson, the Democratic Senators said combat ammunitions and firearms are uniquely lethal; they can be modified and spread quickly, as well are the primary source of death, injury, and destruction of the military problems around the world. As such, there should be the need for more export controls.

The Department of Commerce sent questions to the White House. And a White House official said in an email that the administration is working via the interagency process with the Department of Commerce and the State Department to make sure the U.S industries have a better position in the marketplace, without compromising responsible arms export.