Home Politics Reince Priebus Claims the Media is trying to “Delegitimize” Donald Trump

Reince Priebus Claims the Media is trying to “Delegitimize” Donald Trump


Speaking to Fox News, President’s Trump Chief of Staff has claimed the media is trying to “delegitimize” President Trump and that the government would fight the effort “tooth and nail.”

He said that showing photographs of Trump’s inauguration and then comparing that to the size of President Obama’s inauguration was an attempt to discredit the new president.

Mr Priebus said, “There is an obsession by the media to delegitimize this President and we are not going to sit around and let it happen.  We are going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on Sunday.”

He pointed out that the media were still talking about crowd size three days after the event.  He added, “The point is not the crowd size. The point is the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize the President.”

The Republicans feud with the media began before this interview.  President Trump’s communication director attacked the media for its dishonest reporting that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr was removed from the oval honest.  He also attacked the media on crowd size at the ceremony on Saturday.

Although aerial footage showed that the crowds were significantly smaller than for President Obama’s inaugurations, Time magazine was forced to apologise for misreporting the story.

Trump Irked by Media Reporting of Crowd Size

In a speech given in front of the memorial for fallen CIA officers, President Trump talked of his disquiet towards the media’s reporting of crowd size.

He said, “We had a massive field of people. You saw that. Packed. I get up this morning and I turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field.”

He also said he felt a lot younger than his 70 years, claiming to feel in his thirties.

He added, “The rain should have kept them away but God looked down and said, ‘We’re not going to let it rain on your speech’.”

The feud is set to continue.  Recently journalists sent President Trump an open letter in which they wrote, “When you shout down or ignore a reporter at a press conference who has said something you don’t like, you’re going to face a unified front.”