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Samsung Electronics unveils plan to regain rare metals from retracted Samsung Galaxy Note 7s


Samsung Electronics Co Ltd disclosed its plan on Tuesday to reuse certain components of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. In a statement, Samsung said its plans to reuse parts such as displays, chips and camera modules as repair parts on devices brought to them for repairs, or market these components. The program is meant to recover rare elements of about 157 tons from the recalled Note 7 to cut down the environmental effect of the devices.

Likewise, Samsung plans to regain certain metals like gold, cobalt, copper, and silver from the Note 7s components that would be of no use anymore.

Samsung moves on from Note 7s

Following the recall of the Note 7 devices last year because of safety issues, Samsung is set to move on. The safety issues that led to the retract of the Note 7 smartphone devices made the company lose about $5.4 billion in functional profit.

According to analysts, the Galaxy S8 which was debuted in April has been without hitches; this indicates a possible recovery. Samsung had recorded about 3.06 million sales of note 7 to different clients before its second half and retract in October, barely two months after it was launched.

Environmental activists suggests for Samsung

Greenpeace, an environmental activist, have urged Samsung to recycle the retracted products or recover the material used in the production such devices.

In line with the recycling effort, Samsung introduced the modified version of the recalled products. The product was launched in Samsung’s local market during the early part of this month.